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We offer Ballet, Modern

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and Tap at all levels



Pricing is based on the number of hours danced per week. There are discounts available for students taking more than one class, for more than one student in a family, and for those who are CrossFit members with unlimited memberships. Tuition is paid monthly by the 10th of the month, and is averaged across the numbers of lessons in the year, since some months have 5 lessons and some have 3.


45 minutes $35


1 hour 40


1 hour 15 minutes 45


1 hour 30 minutes 50


1 hour 45 minutes 55


2 hours 60


2 hours 15 minutes 65


2 hours 30 minutes 70


2 hours 45 minutes 75


3 hours 80


3 hours 15 minutes 90


3 hours 30 minutes 95


3 hours 45 minutes 100


4 hours 105


4 hours 15 minutes 115


4 hours 30 minutes 120


4 hours 45 minutes + 125


Dress Code


Artists in Motion follows certain policies and dress codes to provide an organized, professional and pleasant atmosphere for both dancers and parents. Each level of ballet classes through level 3 is assigned a different color leotard to differentiate levels, with levels 4/5 wearing a tasteful leotard of their choice. We have some leotards, tights and shoes in stock for purchase or you can order online. This link will allow you to purchase the required items at a discount using the code 1lovedance.


Before guessing about shoe sizes, you are welcome to try out our sizing shoes in the studio so that you order the correct size!