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She has been a student of dance for 17 years. She hasn't just taken lessons, but has studied it as an art, in many forms: various international styles of choreography, such as African, Flamenco, Irish, Capoeira (Portuguese style combining fight, dance and acrobatics); various styles of dance such as Ballet (multiple styles), Pointe, Modern (multiple styles), Tap, Interpretive, Hip Hop and Jazz. She has danced with the best companies around and has studied films of musicals to see the choreography.  She creates multi-layered choreography, not flat, one dimensional pieces. She has also studied famous ballets from different companies in various styles of ballet to see the subtle differences. Her skills in choreography are unparalleled in our area. She has been a guest artist for several dance companies, including two companies at the same time, which is quite an honor for a young dancer! She has a gift for seeing students' technique and being able to tweak it so that they improve in that skill without hours of practice. She has a love for using dance as a visual expression of Jesus to people who may never enter a church or listen to a sermon. She has trained with instructors from various parts of the world. She auditioned for a summer dance program in New York City held at a Jesuit college, but the program is renowned for being one of the best in the world for Horton (modern) dancers. Her skill qualified her for the professional level, which again, is an honor because of the high skill level of dancers in the professional world who continue their training, especially in the Broadway area of New York City!

Artists in Motion is an unashamedly Christian-run studio, and does not do skimpy costumes, questionable music, or glitzy performances, not competition dance. Their goal is to offer top-quality instruction in order to give you the best for your money, and to love your child while instilling a passion and love for dance, while preparing them as best as possible for a life of dance in college if they want to continue dancing! Most dance schools require proficiency in multiple styles of dance in order to be accepted as a student, and when Ashlynn thought she was attending a dance school for college, she qualified as a junior in the dance program before she ever had one college level dance class there! However, God opened up the opportunity for her to realize her dream of teaching students, so she walked away from the dance college and is pursuing other avenues of training so that she is available to teach here during the year. When you see her around, talk to her and hear her passion for dance.  Artists in Motion is not just a job for her-it's a way for her to earn income while imparting her passion to others, and your children can be recipients of that!  You'll see that she's easy to talk to, but you will never know the extent of her skill because she would never tell you. You can't get this kind of skill from a book, video or one week's training somewhere!